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JCMBsoft's Utilities

This web page is available in a number of locations The Tripod site has a been discontinued since there were a number of problems, external site available on, This is the recommended external site. Server located at Geoffrey’s house

Welcome to the JCMBsoft official home page. Please use the navigation bar on the left to move around the site.

These are NOT Trimble supported tools. Support is done ONLY by Geoffrey Kirk only (GeoffreyKirk @

Please note that Internet explorer users will often have to right click then select save target as, to download Awk files. After download you may have to rename the file from .HTML to .Awk. Real Browsers do not have any of this problems.

You must download the correct support packages to use the Windows and AWK programs.

Note on Trimble SPSxx1 and SPSxx2 receiver support.

    The Trimble SPSxx1/2 receivers have login authentication, none of the JCMBsoft tools support login authentication, so if the program configures the receiver then it will not work.

    To work around this, either get the Login option turned off on your receiver, or connect with SCS900 to the receiver and unplug SCS900 once it is running, since SCS900 will have logged in.

Recent changes

5th March 2010

  • Added GSOF_CSV for converting logged GSOF messages as a CSV file with a record number

1st March 2010

  • Added Time_Tag_Logger for logging GSOF messages as a CSV file with a time tag

4th June 2009:

  • Added T0x2RMAP to allow internally logged T01/T02 files to be used in Radio_Mapper
  • Updated Radio_Mapper to add sounds

June 2009:

August 2007:

July 2007

  • Opus. Updated stand alone program to work with Trimble Business Center, worked around an importer feature.
  • App_File: Updated for changes in the output records

May 2007

  • FS2DATS Splits a DAT file collected using Fast Static methods into a file for each of the occupations. Useful converting to Rinex.
  • Decimate Updated to handle the new records in some DAT files, Especially GLONASS DAT files.

January 2007

  • Updated OPUS importing for TGO to support importing Mutiple Files. Created a stand-alone version of the OPUS processing system that can be used to allow importing of OPUS files into Trimble Busines Center.
  • Added X29_2KML to allow display of radio surveys using Google Earth.

March 2006



Feb 2006

Lots of updates, the site had not been updated for a long time due to the development of the SPSx50 and SPS880/R 8 Model 2 and a lot of the programs had been updated for the new features.

  • App_File, allows downloading and sending of App Files without having to use configuration toolbox (Ctoolbox), it supports Google Earth and TCP/IP connections.
  • Radio_test, application that allows direct control of the Trimble radio.
  • RT_Traffic, even more commands decoded.
  • CMR_Test, program to simulate a number of CMR problems
  • RTK_Monitor, replaces CNR_Monitor, provides detailed information on the RTK solution and useful test tools. Very useful when trying to work out why RTK is not working correctly
  • Pos_Monitor, provides monitors positions in real time from a receiver
  • Remote_Front, remote front panel for SPSx50 receivers



  • RT_Traffic. Updated so that it can act as a TCP/IP SeeThru (With mixed TCP/IP and RS-232 possible)
  • RTK_Monitor. Added TCP/IP support, general release


  • TCP_Listen Updated to work around VRS bug that was requiring CR/LF with NMEA messages
  • RT_Traffic updated to support VRS. You can now send the VRS positions and view the stream in real time


  • SNRs (To Doc)
  • TNR/SiteNet 900 monitoring system (To Doc)



  • Del_Dup_MP3. Deletes duplicate MP3 files in a directory(s), based on name. Useful when you rip the same CD twice or when merging libaries.


  • SCS900 Multidevice. Allows you to use the SCS900 emulator with mutiple devices instead of the single one that you can normally use
  • CMDA_Setup. Equivalent of the CDPD_Setup program for Raven-CDMA modems


  • Updated OPUS.DLL to support selection of NAD83 or ITRF and the point name
  • Adding plotting sample to the automated OPUS processing system


  • OPUS file processing. OPUS.DLL for importing into TGO.




  • Added TC_Delay Check to determine latency of TrimComm packets from a receiver
  • Removed Error messages on connection failure in MulitStation


  • Added, Static Monitor. Test tool for monitoring receiver postions behaviour when going static. Includes Static_Stats
  • Added GRK_48. A basic Kinematic controller for Trimble Receivers


  • Added MS_Base. Create APP files for starting a base, with a UI for designed for starting a base.

December 26th

  • Added OPUS system for automating using the OPUS system. Can also be used to just avoid the OPUS web page.

November 12th

  • Updated CMR_decode to be upto date. Slight UI changes as well.

November 28th

  • Added MultiStation, allows you do do MultiStation RTK using TCP/IP (CDPD, GPRS etc)

September 19th

  • Updated Robbie to create a web page of status
  • Added WYDOT to create outputs in WYDOT format.
  • Added ODOT to create outputs in ODOT format.

September 18th

  • Added GSOFcheck for computing the delay (Latency) of CMR or GSOF packets from a receiver
  • Added GRK_GET for downloading and deleteing a remote FTP site including directories

August 18th

August 5th

Lots of changes, changes beacause of the Fast Static project (and some VRS)

July 4th

June 20th

  • Added CDPD setup for setting up CDPD modems.
  • Updated TCP_Listen to be able to log data from the serial port the data is being sent to.
  • Added Calc NMEA checksum

May 3rd

    Improved GPStime, shows current time as Week/seconds and displays CORS date information (Julian day and hour as a letter)

April 9th

March 23rd

February 26th

  • Added RT_traffic. Real time decoding of CMR and GSOF messages

February 15th

  • Added DAT_REM_WAAS. Removes WAAS records from a DAT file.
  • Updated DAT_REM_POS. General Tidy Up, removed Position records from a DAT file
  • Added SCModem. Test Program for Survey Controller Modem Support
  • Added BaseStat. Test Program for Receiver/HH base station interaction
  • Fixed PCT_edit problem with Geo++ antenna models.
  • Improved DAT2SG. Allows user defined epoch interval

January 23, 2002

  • Added DriveMon for monitoring hard drive space
  • Added IM_Monitor for working with a VRS Integery monitor
  • Added Expense.PL for working with the palm pilot expense program and quick expense

January 18th, 2002

  • Updated BINLOG, VRS position support and modem support
  • Updated TCP_LISTEN, VRS position support.

November 15th, 2001

  • Updated RTKCTRL, sends the extra COMMOUT commands needed for operation, fixed a problem with CMR networks.
  • Added FTP_SEND

November 12th, 2001

November 6th, 2001.

  • GRS versions 2 released, Greatly simplifed configuration

November 1st, 2001.

October 29th, 2001.

  • Updated CMR_Decode to have a compact GSOF output
  • Updates for PCT_EDIT, fixed problem with Up offset in Geo++ files
  • Added a sample NETTEST batch file for server monitoring
  • Updated the TRS Data availabilty system to handle non TRS files

October 4th, 2001

September 20th 2001

    Added DatComp for comparing DAT files that should be the same


August 27 2001

    Added PiFront, for the limited people who do bulk PiLab work

    Fixed a problem with the Delphi 5 support system, some of the new app were requiring a new DPL.

August 16 2001

     Update to PCT_EDIT for Geo++ models and exporting of the details

August 15th 2001

    Added MERGERIN, with is really useful if you have 1 hour rinex files from a VRS/CORS

    Added more documentation for the GRS

August 14th 2001

    Added SET_STATION, which is useful if you are creating dats using RT172DAT.

    Added DAT_REM_POS, which I cna’t remember why I created it.

August 3 2001

August 2 2001

    Lots of changes, base station stuff has become its own tree. I am really behind and there is lots of stuff that needs to be added.

    Added FTP_UPD, fixed the documentation for FTP_SUCK

    Added TCP_Listen

July 12 2001

    Added DAT2STATIC for post processing continuous DAT files as static

July 11 2001

    Updated TGO_BACK to default to the correct directory for TGO V1.50